Spring mattress and what does a good mattress have to cost?

By | March 19, 2019

Spring mattresses are particularly suitable for people with higher body weight, people who sweat quickly and especially for abdominal and back sleepers due to their structure and properties.

Due to the construction of steel springs spring mattresses have a very good indoor climate. Air and temperature can be well regulated and thus a healthy sleeping climate can be created. The moisture that develops during sleep is optimally dissipated.

Even people who bring a little more on the scales benefit from the stability of the steel spring core. The body does not sink so deeply as, for example, with a cold foam mattress. Back and abdominal sleepers are also supported by the steel springs of the spring mattresses.

Spring mattresses are relatively simple. They consist of a cover, a fleece and steel springs. The structure may vary depending on the type of spring mattresses. For example, the steel spring of Bonnell spring core and pocket spring mattresses are additionally packed in so-called pockets or have a different shape (eg waisted steel springs in the Bonnell spring core mattress).

Valence also plays a major role in spring mattresses. The lower the quality of the steel springs, the greater the risk of cooling. Spring mattresses should, therefore, be urgently high quality, to provide long life and good sleeping comfort.


  • Healthy posture through the stable core of steel springs
  • Long service life due to the robustness of the steel springs
  • pleasant room climate due to good air circulation

What does a good mattress have to cost?

What does a good mattress have to cost? The question is not what it should cost. The question is whether the mattress has its price appropriate properties.

An expensive mattress does not automatically mean that it is good too.

So it does not matter what the mattress costs. There are also cheaper variants, which have very good reclining properties and health compatibility.

Who wants to buy a mattress, should not look primarily at the price, but on what the mattress offers and how it has cut off in the mattress test. If in doubt, the mattress should be located before buying a sample. Buy spring mattress from amerisleep.space.