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cornish hen recipe

 cornish hen recipe:
cornish hen recipe
firstly i love cornish hens. they are parfect in size ,take less time to cook, are tasteful and have a great flavor.Cornish Hens are young chickens that are grown for the meat specifically. Lighter and more tastier than the regular chicken, these cook really quick than other .. Even the cornish game hens cook faster but i like the slow and low approach to keep the meat soft and skin crispy. In almost all Cornish hen recipe they were crispy on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside like Cornish hen recipe stuffed, Cornish hen recipe roasted, Cornish hen recipe grilled and so on…

Most recipes have seen for Cornish Hens call for cooking the bird whole which might work just as well for the Thanksgiving meal. cornish hen recipe is very easy to make at home as delicious as in restaurants by following our we are listing many types of delicious Cornish hen recipe so that  you can choose any of them as you like  and cook for dear ones. before started to any of the Cornish hen recipe it is very important to choose fresh Cornish hens. Also, be sure the Cornish hens are at room temperature and fully dried so the fat temperature doesn't drop dramatically from the shock of an ice-cold bird. For all Cornish hen recipe the magnate time takes almost 1-2 hours that can give your Cornish hen recipe more juicy and delicious  and the cooking time depends upon the style of cooking .

 Cornish hen recipe types and their cooking types are listed below choose any of them start cooking and enjoy........

    cornish hen recipe type
  cooking time
   cornish hen recipe stuffed
      40-50 mins
   cornish hen recipe deep fry
      30-35 mins
   cornish hen recipe roasted
     30 mins
   cornish hen recipe grilled
      20-25 mins

   cornish hen recipe in crock pot
      55 mins
   cornish hen recipe pressure cooker 
       30 mins
   honey spiced Cornish  hen recipe
       40 mins
   thanksgiving salads
       25 -30 mins
   wild rice salad
       15 mins

tips to remember when preparing cornish hen recipe:

1- Rinse the cornish hens very carefully and cut the extra skin .
2-The skin covering the cornish hens can be very delicate, so be careful when rubbing the butter underneath it.
3-if your  very health conscious you can use olive oil instead of butter.


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